An Encouraging poem to fight corona!

Hey guys! Be calm, read the poem, adhere to it, fight the virus & beat Corona!!

Not only fear, stress & lonesome,

It’s along a quarantine and a boredom.

It has captured the earth whole,

with the increasing death toll.

This is the time that was unexpected,

this is the terror that was unprecedented.

But don’t worry, let’s secure the journey!

Follow the measures, pave way for the pandemic,

adhere to the newer, but the most effective proceeding.

Brothers & sisters, do wear a mask,

wash hands every few hours, make it a task.

Sanitizer is the novel weapon,

to fight the novel situation.

Keep a social distance,

Remain at home with patience.

This is a war & we are the soldiers,

coz unprecedented times require unprecedented measures!

–By Aastha

Thanks for reading!! Be healthy & Keep charming ..๐Ÿ˜‰

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