Hey everyone! I tried to sing a song from Mulan, Loyal Brave True by Christina Aguilera few months ago. Do let me know if you like or not this version of mine!😅 First time trying an English song… Hope you like it😊 The link is up there👆

And yes, it was the simplest recording done with just a phone recorder that ultimately represents my blog, ‘Easiest ways of life’. 😊😅😅 Enjoy the video!

Easy+beautiful🤩 paint on piggybank pot!🏺🎨🖌

• 3️⃣ easy steps:-

I never thought it would finally look like this😍…just went on drawing and painting throughout 🖌..

Well, earlier it was just a plain & rough piggybank pot made of mud. I turned it into colorful!!

1️⃣ Painted it throughout with parrot green poster colour,

2️⃣Drew the outline of the creatures with a sharpen pencil

3️⃣and further filled the water colors inside❤🧡💛💚💙💜

Thank you…

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