My 1st video on YouTube

Howdy!! Here’s the link to my first YouTube video…

It’s an art channel. Hope you guys like it. Don’t forget to subscribe yah!😅. I’ll keep posting such easy art videos, as my blog also resembles– ‘easiest ways of life’.

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My first post in ‘Hindi’: A poem on summer holidays 2021

‘यह भी कोई अवकाश है?’

पहले करते थे बेसब्री से इंतजार,
लेकर आएगा खुशियां अपार,
कड़ी धूप के बीच सुख की बहार,
हाँ , यह ग्रीष्मावकाश ही था मेरे यार!

किंतु अब दृश्य बदल गया है,
गर्मियों में सूरज ही कहीं छिप गया है।
सूर्य के तेज से दूर ए. सी. कमरों में,
अब घर कैद सा बन गया है।

याद आते हैं वो सुनहरे पल,
सूखे हरे घासों पर खेलते थे हम कल।
आज फर्श की टाईलें भी चुभने सी लगी है,
यह अवकाश अब सजा सी लगने लगी है।

जिन पुराने झूलों से हो गए थे बोर,
आज वही झूले इस कैद से बेहतर लगते हैं।
पहले गुस्सा दिलाते थे वे दोस्त जब करते थे शोर,
आज कमरे के सन्नाटे भी कान को चुभने लगते हैं।

समय का चक्र घूम गया है,
प्रकृति दे रही है दंड,
जिन इमारतों से हमने किया था प्रकृति को कैद,
उन्हीं दीवारों के पीछे आज हो गए हैं बंद।

~ आस्था कौशिक

My this poem was published in my school’s Newsletter ☺! Well, really these holidays were like….’schools are better than holidays’😂

Hope you enjoy reading it…

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Poem: What a Havoc caused by corona on summers!

The sun shining bright,
Summer has arrived,
With freedom, joy & delight,
Children have thrived!

There used to be a beach,
A hat, camera with a sunglass.
I used to have a wide reach,
To sand, plants & grass.

But this vacation,
The situation has been changed.
Like animals in a zoo,
Inside our homes, we are caged.

Is it really a vacation?
No parks, only ludo and carrom.
Only between the four walls,
Full of anxiety and boredom.

How is this vacation?
There is summer, but no sun.
Far from the sunshine,
Packed in our rooms, but no fun!

Oh God! What a situation it is,
Only holidays but not happiness.
No classrooms, no playground,
Only family but not friends!

I am sorry,
For the situation,
But we have to suffer,
For the things we have done.

We had surrounded our environment,
With buildings and artificial creature.
Now we’re surrounded by our own creations,
See, what a game of nature!

~ Aastha Kaushik


Hey everyone! I tried to sing a song from Mulan, Loyal Brave True by Christina Aguilera few months ago. Do let me know if you like or not this version of mine!😅 First time trying an English song… Hope you like it😊 The link is up there👆

And yes, it was the simplest recording done with just a phone recorder that ultimately represents my blog, ‘Easiest ways of life’. 😊😅😅 Enjoy the video!

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