Beautiful poem by a 17 years old : My Baba (GRANDPA)

Once upon a time, I used to say

I have a grandpa, my motivation but strict anyway.

No doubt, it used to be the golden day

when me & my achievements got praised in his unique way.

‘Baba’ I called him, See a bundle of my achievements

‘Titu’ he called me, Great! But what about AIIMS.

It was his dream to see me qualify AIIMS,

With photo in the paper & proud on his face!

But I faced a dilemma at the stage of choosing stream,

whether my potential or Baba’s dream.

I turned my decision, recognized my potential

Chose com. with maths, realised it’s my life (real).

I couldn’t take risk with my elders expectations, by choosing what I have no interest in

I couldn’t sacrifice my real success, just wanna make them proud & win!

‘Baba’ encouraged me, do what you are confident with

Parents supported too, I continued ahead with.

No one knew, the climax was near

Baba went to Baroda, with grandma to meet his daughter.

Speech minimized, mood was not bright

I realised, something must not right.

Condition weakened, my heart broke

Papa brought him back, who knew? It was the damn stroke!

He could not improve, condition deteriorated

My parents struggled too, hopes & just hopes but improvement restricted.

The worst scene I saw in my life

Pity father with his two sisters, crying on the mere body of Baba with no life.

Today I would say I had a grandpa, Who was initially here with me

But now rests within me, only in my heart and no where else I could see.

-Aastha []

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful poem by a 17 years old : My Baba (GRANDPA)

  1. A very touching story, Aastha! A great tribute to your Baba. You are good both in writing skill and expressing your emotions. Please keep it up!!

    Liked by 1 person

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